About Me

My name is Heather and I love smut, dogs & sarcasm. My husband supports my insanity [mostly] and while I currently live on the East Coast, The Plan may have me heading out west…stay tuned. This blog is my little piece of internet heaven: uncensored. I curse. Sometimes a lot. You’ve been forewarned 😉

I have two blog features:

FIRST – #DrunkReading | I read, drink & tweet out my thoughts. The next morning I’ll write a hangover review. I do not drunk read ARCs (unless you want me to).

SECOND – LiteralPleasure | OWMS’ Smut & Sex Toy Pairing Guide. Here, I pair a sex toy with a smut novel for your one-handed reading pleasure and review the sex toy. If you’d like to send me a sex toy for review, please email me at OWMyshelf@gmail.com.

What Kinds of Romance Genres Do I Like?


Contemporary, NA, erotica, BDSM, suspense, paranormal, dark & political.

Soft limits:

historical, time travel, crime syndicates / kidnap to love / illegal activity

Of course, there’s always an exception – i.e. I’m obsessed with Outlander, which has both corsets & time travel. It’s also compelling & replete with oral sex. Thus, exception.

Hard limits:

urban, plotlines with romance between any familial relationship (aka I dislike stepbrother novels), books where the heroine falls in love with her rapist. HARD PASS.

I don’t care if you’re a new or established author, traditionally published or self-published – I only care if your book is good. Because who wants to read shit?

If you reach out to me to request a review:

1) I’ll let you know if I’m interested in reviewing it and if I have time to review it;
2) I’ll give you a general timeframe as to when I think I can review it by; and
3) If I promise to review, you get my honest review, whether that’s good or bad.

Please do not send me your book with your request email.

Follow me on Twitter: @OWMyshelf

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Email me at OWMyshelf@gmail.com


All reviews and opinions on this site are my own. Unauthorized use of my original content is prohibited.

I do sometimes get books for free in exchange for a review – that doesn’t guarantee I’ll give a good review, just that I’ll review it. I will always give an honest review. I post all of my reviews/thoughts to GoodReads and Amazon. I usually only highlight the good stuff on my blog, unless I’m feeling especially ranty. Regardless, I strive to give substantive feedback.

Also, I might be a lawyer in real life but  I’m not your lawyer. Nothing on this blog contains any legal advice. Ok? Ok.

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