Promo: A Slice of Sin, Volume One








Open your mouth and prepare to taste the delectable A Slice of Sin, the first in a series of anthologies. These savory erotic stories are a sensory feast and are guaranteed to make your mouth water and leave you needing a little privacy… or an audience.

Women drive these stories, taking the lead in sex, pushing the boundaries of their experience, and always enjoying themselves. Discover how these women satisfy their desires; in 13 perfectly bite-size stories of lust and intimacy that will seduce you and keep you coming back again and again, for just another taste. From stories of casual sex to stories of the intimacy and enduring passion of established couples, these stories will whet your appetite and satisfy your cravings (and maybe leave you with some new ones…).

Need a taste of the delectable delights you will discover in A Slice of Sin? Act out a dirty little fantasy in Chase Morgan’s The Stand In, satisfy your late-night sweet tooth in Alegra Verde’s The Bakery Boy, or enjoy a night of romantic generosity in Autmn Tooley’s Tonight Is For You. Or step back to a time of long boats and Vikings in Michael Bracken’s Saga of the Sailmaker’s Widow.

From the romantic to the kinky, the suggestive to the explicit, this collection is sure to satisfy and keep you coming back for more and more.

This year’s contributors include:

Michael Bracken
Morrigan Cox
Paul Henry
Rachael Knight
Lynn Lake
Parker Lee
Aiden McKenna
Chase Morgan
Leah Mueller
Sophia Soror
Autmn Tooley
Alegra Verde
Cherry Wild


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