Review: Rugged by Lila Monroe


Author: Lila Monroe

Book: Rugged (buy link available on 2/10/16!)

tl;dr recommendation: Ruggedly sexy? Ruggedly sweet? Ruggedly hot? Ruggedly AMAZING.

Book Summary:

Laurel Young needs a plan, and fast. After her reality TV boss has a major meltdown, not-so-funemployment seems inevitable–unless she can pitch the idea of a lifetime. When she sees Flint McKay’s audition tape – flanneled, handsome as hell, and building a house with his own two hands – she knows she’s found her secret weapon. The women of America are going to love him, especially if she can convince him to try building without the flannel shirt.

Only problem is, Flint didn’t make that tape – and he has zero interest in trading the wilds of Western Massachussetts for the bright lights of Hollywood. But Laurel isn’t the kind of girl to take no for an answer. Soon, she’s knee-deep in rustic charm, and getting plenty of hands-on experience. And it turns out, this city girl and country guy may have a few things in common after all, like crazy hot chemistry, a wild side, and a weakness for good whiskey…

But can their behind-the-scenes connection last once the world falls in love with Flint? And will this be the big break both of them need- or leave them in the dirt?

Find out in Lila Monroe’s fun, sexy new novel!

*This is a stand-alone novel with HEA. No cliff-hangers!*

Longer Review:

Ruggedly sexy? Ruggedly sweet? Ruggedly hot? Ruggedly AMAZING. Lila Monroe whisks us off into a real world drama wrapped in a reality show tucked between the fast paced world of LA and the rustic trees of Massachusetts. I didn’t want to be let up for air….sort of how Laurel felt when she was assaulted with one of Flint’s kisses.

Flint is the man’s man – tool belt included. while he really only needs one tool to get the job done *winks* he’s pretty handy with all of the others at his disposal. He’s also sweet, kind and swoonworthy. My heart let and burst the same way as Laurel’s everytime his smile lit up a room.

The two of them are a match waiting to be struck. The tension is present from the first meeting and doesn’t let up, even after they give in to their….uhhhhh…baser needs. The secondary characters are equally developed and I felt like I was actually a part of the crazy McKay family.

Despite the fact that this love story could have fallen to the editing room floor with miscommunication conundrums, Monroe doesn’t leave you in the lurch. Full of angst, sexual tension and mountains of sex, Rugged handsomely keeps you entertained and glued to your kindle. Fire this one up, because Flint’s about to enter your heart and steam up your kindle! LOVE!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

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