Review: Beneath this Mask by Meghan March


Author: Meghan March

Book: Beneath this Mask (Beneath #1)

tl;dr recommendation: it plastered a smile on my face and left a permanent impression. 5 stars!

Book Summary:

He loves me, and he doesn’t even know my real name.

The limelight that follows him could expose everything I’m hiding. But even knowing the risks, I can’t force myself to stay away.

I’m going to break his heart, but mine will shatter right along with it.

Will we lose it all when I reveal what’s beneath this mask?

Longer Review:

There’s a reason that Meghan is one of my favorites and this book exemplifies them all: 1) sexy, determined man; 2) smart as fuck woman; 3) refusal to cower to stereotypes; 4) perfectly planned drama; 5) believable plotline; and 6) effortless writing.

It’s hard to believe that this was Meghan’s first book – but it was, and it’s fucking fantastic. This book made me want to run out and get another tattoo and then defy the world’s judgment while discussing some highly intellectual topic. It also made want to climb Simon like a tree and kiss him silly every time he practiced restraint in denying his own instant pleasure in order to focus on his end goal.

Charlie is hiding. She’s hiding from herself, her past, and what could be her future if her past catches up to her. She may have been raised in the lap of luxury, but her job in a tattoo parlor and her teeny apartment in downtown New Orleans are a far cry from her roots. She’s earned everything herself and she plans to keep it that way. So when Simon, a man who looks too much like her past, starts to show interest in her she immediately gives him the old ‘fuck off’ speech.

Luckily, Simon’s not deterred. While Charlie may not be willing to let Simon in completely, he’s more than willing to wait. That’s what I loved the most about this book – it was the determination and understanding that Simon gave to Charlie when he really didn’t have to do either.

Of course, the awesome sex and cork popping chemistry also places this book as one of my favorites. I have so much love for Beneath This Mask – it plastered a smile on my face and left a permanent impression. 5 stars!

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