Review: Melting Into You by Laura Trentham

Author: Laura Trentham

Book: Melting Into You (Falcon Football #3)

Other Books in series – all standalones:

Slow and Steady Rush (Falcon Football #1) – my review is here
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tl;dr recommendation: Trentham delivers sass and warmth in yet another football story where the players aren’t the only ones who score. 4 stars!

Book Summary:

Alec Grayson returns home to Falcon, Alabama, to rebuild his life after a knee injury ended his NFL career. As the Falcon high school quarterback coach, Alec’s love for the game is reignited. Meanwhile, he puts his hard-partying past and the betrayal of the people he trusted most behind him, and adopts a hard demeanor. That is, until a spitfire artist with soulful eyes and a body that haunts his dreams gets under his skin and threatens to crack his armor.

Lilliana Hancock is forced to leave her struggling-artist lifestyle in New York and return to Falcon after her father’s unexpected death leaves her a decrepit family mansion. Determined to use her skills to turn the home into a successful bed and breakfast, Lilliana is stopped at every turn by the town contractor, who happens to be Alec, the gorgeous and arrogant jock to whom she lost her virginity in college. Except Alec doesn’t remember, which infuriates her. Too bad she can’t forget the way his body felt against hers or how his heated gaze follows her…

Will they be able to put their pasts behind them for a future together?

Longer Review:

Awww. This is a perfectly sweet small-town, wholesome yet sexy, heartwarming romance. Trentham delivers sass and warmth in yet another football story where the players aren’t the only ones who score.

Lilliana may have inherited the old mansion in Falcon, but she’s determined to make it into a warm and welcoming place again. However, her plans to create a B&B are stalled by that awful pepto bismol pink bathroom and its faulty electrical system. When Alec, the town inspector, comes to review her progress the only thing that sparks is their connection. Suddenly clothes are ripped off, tattoos are being licked, and they lose any semblance of common sense.

Alec has a hard time trusting anyone after his parents betrayed him and while he’s been eye-fucking Lilliana for months, he’s pretty sure she hates him. At least he thought so until that night surrounded in pink tile.

The two of them together are a basket full of confused emotions and motivations. While Lilliana keeps the secret of their past, Alec doesn’t exactly do that all much to assuage her concerns that he isn’t going to cut and run at the first sign of trouble. This is small town, everyone-knows-everyone, realistic romance. There is no major angst or long bouts of separation, but there IS seriously sinfully hot sex. So, basically – you should read it.

Trentham never fails to put a smile on my face and this book wasn’t any different. 4 stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

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