Review: What Should You Know About Sex and Nobody Told You? by Sexycrets

Author: Sexycrets

Book: What Should You Know About Sex and Nobody Told You?

tl;dr recommendation: Lots of sex tips, tricks & snippets for HIS and HER pleasure!

Book Summary:

Less than 25% of women and only half as many men are completely satisfied with their sexual lives. Are you sexually satisfied? Are you sure your partner is totally too? Whether you have a one-night stand or a longer term relationship, are you curious to explore new ways to enhance your sex life or improve it from good to great?

In this book we will share sex tips from real people that will help you on your journey toward total sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner. This book has been created for you to have a quick reference guide of sexy inspiration in small bites, allowing you to always surprise and be surprised. This book is for people who are curious, who want to give and take more from sex and who believe sex is a key part of their happiness and of their intimate relationships.

We, ourselves, have been through all phases of sexual satisfaction, having spent more than 15 years trying to figure out how to make the best of our sexual lives. We’ve gone from curiosity to experimentation to frustration and, finally, to complete satisfaction. The key components for successfully achieving real pleasure and intimacy are self-knowledge, communication and innovation. That is why we created this book, so you have the means to communicate with your partner and discover surprising tips and tricks.

Singles, couples, curious types or intellectuals… Everyone will find something practical and sexy to use… and to do so immediately. You will find tips for women and men that will allow you to know yourself better, try new things and to give and receive more sexual satisfaction.

One of our community members said about our tips: “I find all your tips amazing. My babe can’t get enough of me and is eager to come home from work. Thank you”

We promise that from the beginning you will find sex ideas you have never thought about before and you will be ready to put them into practice right away. And we promise that you and your partner(s) will want more and more. Sexual satisfaction is at your door, so read on!

You don’t want to be the person that just waits for miracles to change their sexual life or for someone else to improve it for you. Be the person that takes action and control over such an important part of your life. You have the power to spice up your bedroom and revamp your sexual relationships. So, are you going to take control or keep waiting?

The sexy tips and tricks you’re about to read have been shared by real men and women like you and, therefore, are proven to achieve actual results. All you have to do to get a great sexual life is to keep reading with an open mind. Each page will give you new insight on how to improve your sexual life. Take control of your sexual life right now, make it fully satisfying and enjoy the new life that you and your partner(s) are about to experience.

Longer Review:

This is not the typical book that I review on my blog, but when I was asked if I wanted to receive a book with 200 sex tips in it, HOW COULD I SAY NO? I mean come on. That was the hope anyway 😉

The authors here are a husband and wife team who start out the book explaining a bit about how they met and how the book came into creation. They note that the submissions are from their sexy community and that they didn’t edit for grammatical errors. That bugged me a bit as I felt that it took away from the clean and quick presentation, but not enough so that I didn’t have a good time going through the suggestions.

I sure as hell enjoyed the the content. Some of the suggestions are silly, while others are actually helpful. The book presents tips for both him & her, so either gender has the ability to flip to a number and get a little enjoyment. It’s not overly graphic, so if that’s something that makes you nervous (I obviously lack that concern, but I know some do) you don’t have to worry. It would be a quick & fun read for you and your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner to play with. There’s plenty in there to test and try that will allow you to communicate with one another, embark in something new and have a good time while you’re at it.

At the end of the day, sex is all about communication and having better sex requires better communication. This book could definitely help open that conversation AND provide you with a little insight into what your partner may like.

Overall, a fun & quick read full of saucy tips & tricks!

[I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review]

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