Review: Three Hard Lessons by Nikki Sloane

Author: Nikki Sloane

Book: Three Hard Lessons (Blindfold Club #2)

Other books in series:

Three Simple Rules (Blindfold Club #1)
Three Little Mistakes (Blindfold Club #3) – my review is here

tl;dr recommendation: This is one-handed reading at its finest. If I could come from just words alone – like our girl here – this would have done it.

Book Summary:

I am the woman men pay thousands of dollars to sleep with. I do what I love and what I’m so very good at.

Then he walks in and drops $30,000. He wants to talk. And kiss. And take me home.

In a single night, this man turns everything upside-down and has me breaking every rule I’ve lived by to keep men at a distance. I’m about to learn some lessons the hard way.

Don’t tease him. Don’t give him boundaries. And don’t think you get a choice in who you love.

Longer Review:

Dirty, sinful and downright filthy. Oh, I loved it. Every boundary pushing word of it. Three Hard Lessons is more than just sex – although there is a lot of sex. This book pushes limits while building love.

It also turned me the fuck on.

Payton makes no apologies for who she is: a woman who loves sex & who gets paid to have it. She works at the Blindfold Club, a high class illegal brothel of sorts, and while she loves her job she’s hasn’t quite been feeling satisfied. When Dominic walks into the room and demands hand-holding and talking before fucking, she immediately knows that she’s in over her head. She doesn’t do intimacy. She doesn’t do love. She doesn’t do connection – even though she wants it so badly it hurts.

Lucky for us (and Payton), Dom ignores all of her rules. What’s most surprising is that Payton lets him. This story is so wonderfully written that while you feel the conflicting emotions & tension, Nikki doesn’t leave you dangling in angstville. The story flowed incredibly well and I was transfixed to the pages while the characters were locked on each other – and in each other (and uhhh some other people).

If you’re wary about threesomes or other group play, Nikki handles these scenes with grace. Yes. Group play can be handled with grace. You heard it here. What’s great about these scenes are that you never feel like the connection between the two main characters is lost – in fact, somehow it actually increases. There isn’t a feeling that it’s ‘cheating’, but rather an expansion of pleasure. And there are clear lines drawn that everyone respects.

There’s a scale of possessiveness and domination in this book that tilts both ways, making for an unpredictable story and seriously erotic scenes. Dominic is dominant and open-minded yet also easily embarrassed, sweet and vulnerable while Payton is a fierce and strong woman whose fight against falling in love is a losing battle. She’s had plenty of orgasms, but never a heartgasm…untli Dom.

The story just works – and it works well. This is one-handed reading at its finest. If I could come from just words alone – like our girl here – this would have done it. Definitely real. And definitely a #MustRead for any erotica lover. 5 stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

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