Review: Queen in Play by Willa Thorne

Author: Willa Thorne

Book: Queen In Play (The Manhattan Tales #2)

Other books in series:

His Pawn (The Manhattan Tales #1)
End Game (The Manhattan Tales #3)

tl;dr recommendation: sweet, dark & erotic – 3.75 stars!

Book Summary:

Jillian Pryor has learned a thing or two since she was swept away by the handsome Mason Woodward. For years, she had him on a high pedestal… until she learned the dirty truth about his plans for her.

Two months later, Mason is still determined to have her, but Jillian isn’t about to give in that easily. The problem is, Jill hasn’t been able to get him off her mind either.

Still, there’s more at stake than past transgressions and painful secrets. Mason will have to make a choice that Jill knows nothing about…

Longer Review:

So – remember that big cliffy? It wasn’t so much of a huge cliffhanger afterall. I mean, it is, but I was sort of surprised that we didn’t start this book being driven straight into the heart of the hospital where Jill was recovering from a potential attempt on her life. It threw me off a little, but I recovered 😉

Of course, Jill’s still pissed as fuck at Mason. And rightfully so. He’s sort of been lying to her like a cheap suit he’d never wear. Mason is the King of Contradictions and his use of the Love card, while genuine, is too little, too late. Or is it?

I was SO HAPPY when Jill found her lady balls and decided to use them. I also really appreciated that we weren’t tortured too badly with the boomerang relationship and that Mason finally became the man I wanted him to be. He shapes up beautifully in book 2, and you can finally let yourself be fully in love with him as a character – well, minus the CONTINUED LYING. *smh*

Willa once again treats us with the heat I’ve come to enjoy. Mason may be whipped, but he is dominant and delicious as ever. Jill’s submissive spirit is alive and well – and is sexy as fuck. I may have been picturing tumblr in a few of those scenes. Hell yes, SIR.

Of course, my dearest Willa, I must place you in the category with some of my favorites – the category in which no lube is used for anal sex. It’s a mission of mine to get lube in books for anal sex. Should we create a hashtag? #SlickAssFuck whatever…I digress.

The same issues with the writing style from book one continued to plague me in book two and I stand by my thoughts on that. However, the plot itself is enjoyable: sweet, dark & erotic. I could see where this was all going, but I wanted to go there. Danger and potential murder dominate this story only lightened by heated kisses, romantic gestures and slippery thighs. Bring on book 3! 3.75 stars.

[I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review]

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