Blog Tour & Review: Cash by Eve Jagger

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The minute any woman walks into my bar, I can tell two things about her: what she wants to drink, and how she likes to f*ck.

I’m Cash: bartender at the hottest bar in Atlanta. I’ve got girls lining up around the block, and they all know the rules: no strings, no promises, and no morning-after snuggling. You want brunch? Call your sister. You want the best sex of your life? Call me. Or better yet, just drop by the bar anytime. Clothing optional.

There’s a reason they call me a sexy bastard.
And yes, I really am that good.

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CASH will wash away the taste of your last book boyfriend. Smartly written yet seriously sexy, Jagger once again has me swooning over another sexy bastard.

Cash is the manwhore mixologist who thinks he knows the game. He’s the master at flirting and filling…the drinks at Altitude’s bar. His carousel of women serve him well: no hard feelings, no attachments, no sharing of feelings required. Until Savy walks into his life and shakes everything up.

I ADORED SAVANNAH. I’m sure it’s biased because, well, she’s a lawyer. But it’s more than that – she’s a sassy, determined, funny and sweet lawyer who is also fucking hot. Shit, even I want to date her. Oh, hello lady crush.

Note: major points for getting the lawerly stuff right. Bless you, Eve.

This book has just enough drama to keep you interested without being overly angsty. Savy and Cash may think they’re keeping things casual, but somehow that never works out to plan, does it?

The family drama was an interesting spin that took me by surprise but made me swoon even harder for Cash. Damn, he’s a good guy and has an eight pack?! Yes, this is heaven. I can’t even begin to discuss what he can do with his tongue because then I’ll go searching for demonstrative gifs on tumblr and this review will never be finished. So just trust me on this one: It’s out-of-control hot.

While the Big Reveal had me questioning my love for Savy a tinge bit, and I found that part a little repetitive, I shall easily forgive her. Her love for her friends, her incessant planning and her desire for more out of life definitely makes her one of my favorites.

CASH is full of moments that will have you fist pumping, shaking your head and reading one-handed. I promise: you want your hands all over this sexy bastard. 4.5 stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]


Cash is certainly not Mr. Right, but hell if I don’t want him to be Mr. Right Now.

That’s it. Throwing caution to the wind, I lean into him and kiss him right on the lips.

He tastes like champagne and mint. It’s a quick kiss. I draw away much sooner than I would like, but it’s just as good the second time around. It clouds my head, and for the first time in forever I don’t care about my job or promotion.

Staring into my eyes, he tucks my hair behind my ear and with both hands grasping my face kisses me harder, rougher. It’s a wake-up call for my body. Every nerve’s cell tunes in to see what his hands will do next. Logically, I should stop and thank Cash for the rescue and tell him this can’t go any further, but the pleasure pooling between my legs says keep this fucking going. I thread my fingers into his hair and pull him closer.

Damn. Cash wasn’t lying. His mouth is magic. Until he pulls away. Again.

Again. I let out a noise of frustration and he chuckles.

“Easy there, sweetheart.”

“We were just getting to the good part,” I grab his shirt again, but he backs off.

“Trust me, this isn’t the good part. But I’m saving that until you’re sober.”

“I’m fine!” I protest, my blood still singing from the kiss. I want him. Now.

Cash shakes his head. “Let me put it like this.” He traces a slow, burning path up the side of my bare arm, until I swear I’m panting. “If you fuck me tonight, it’ll be about him. And when I take you – because sweetheart, you best believe, I’m going to be the one doing the taking – I’m going to be the only one on your mind. Until you can’t manage a single thought, other than ‘yes, Cash. More, Cash.’ Understand?”


I nod, slowly, because I don’t have a choice. Then Cash stands, and offers me his arm. Chivalrous, like he just didn’t promise to fuck my brains out. “Now, let’s get you home.”



Hard cover (1)

Strong. Arrogant. Hard.
Ryder Cole is the King of Atlanta’s nightlife — and the one man who can erase my past.

I’m running from secrets that could destroy me and there’s no room in my life for someone like him: too damn cocky, and sexy as hell. I should keep my distance, but smart goes out the window the minute he looks my way. And when he puts his hands on me…?

A girl could forget her own name.

But what happens when the past catches up with me, and all the things I’m hiding from tear our lives apart again? I can’t keep running forever, and Ryder always wins.

He’s not the kind of guy to let me go gently, Ryder will give it to me hard.

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Eve Jagger is a native of Georgia and is a true southern girl at heart. A stay at home mom to two kids, she’s married to a sexy man who doesn’t mind being used as research for those naughty scenes.

Eve cut her teeth writing in high school and college, but it wasn’t until recently that she got the itch to write a full length novel. She loves complex, emotionally-charged characters and wild, sexy leading men. Hard: A Sexy Bastard Book releases at the end of April 2015 and she can’t wait for you to meet her characters that occupy her mind 24/7!

Eve loves to talk and meet people on social media, so be sure and touch base with her on Facebook or Twitter

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