Review: He Wants Me – Parts 6 & 7 by Julia Swift


Author: Julia Swift


He Wants Me – part 6
He Wants Me – part 7

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Link to my review of the first three parts
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tl;dr recommendation: Julia is at expert level on cliffhangers. Just hang on…we’re almost there.

Book Summary:

He was supposed to be a one-night fling. Landon Blake: hot tech billionaire, and the wildest sex of my life. Until I find him standing over my boss’s dead body – with a bloody knife in his hand.

They say he’s dangerous. He swears he’s not to blame. Somebody’s setting him up, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.
I don’t know who I can trust. I should stay away.

But he wants me.

Longer Review:

Book 6 was a hit of smut that has me jonesing for book 7. Immediately. I may have thrown a small tantrum. Good lord. *flails*

It was all going so well. I had rested in my happy place. I was swooning over Landon and cheering for Megan. I was reinvested in the story. I was praying for a break to prove their innocence. I was getting hot and bothered….and THEN I HIT THE BRICK WALL OF DEATH. also known as a cliffhanger. Which I’m intimately familiar with, but never want to see. Sort of like that creepy cousin you know you’re going to see at Thanksgiving but you’d rather he didn’t show.


Julia certainly knows how to give you what you want, and leave you wanting more. I’m loving Megan and the force of her strength that comes through in this installment. She’s more than just a pretty face or a girl that’s hanging on to a bad boy – she’s not only sexy, she’s smart and useful. Be awesome, Megan.

Just hang on we’re almost there.

When we start book 7, Landon has a lot of explaining to do. This is a shaking your head installment that had me angry and vengeful and plotting Landon’s demise Bobbitt-style. Of course there’s another twist that I didn’t see coming and that had me throwing my hands in the air. Julia is at expert level on cliffhangers.

I’ll just be over here gritting my teeth waiting for the final installment – BOOK EIGHT, SAVE ME!

[I received an ARC of these books in exchange for an honest review]

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