Release Day Review: Heartbreaker by Cole Saint Jaimes

Author: Cole Saint Jaimes

Book: Heartbreaker (Heartbreaker #1)


tl;dr recommendation: Heartbreaker is crass, blunt, sexy, complex and hot as fuck. What’s not to love?

Book Summary:




Get high.

Sounds like the perfect day to Aidan Callahan. As second-born son to Chicago’s most influential business owner, Aidan’s life has always been about responsibility. Tradition. Toeing the goddamn line. Just do as you’re told, Aidan. Don’t make waves.

Well, screw that. Riding waves is way more fun than making them.

Hawaii is paradise on earth. Smoking hot women. Tiny bikinis. As far as Aidan’s concerned, wild horses couldn’t drag him kicking and screaming back to the windy city. Or at least that’s what he thought.

When his brother crashes his Mercedes, killing himself on impact, Aidan finds himself next in line to the Callahan fortune and all the ties that come with it.

And this time there’s no getting out of it.


A warm bed.

A steady job.

A brother who loves her.

For Essie Gray, life’s been one hard kick in the teeth after another. With her parents both dead, her brother is her only living relative. That is until Vaughn’s truck is written off, his life snatched away by the careless actions of a rich playboy in a flashy sports car.

Now, the only thing that will bring Essie peace is revenge. She must take what was taken from her. Only when the name Callahan has been wiped from the face of the earth forever will she be able to start living again.

Of course, the new head of the Callahan Corporation isn’t what she expected. Aidan’s sexy and sad, and just as damaged as she is. Will she be able to distance herself enough to accomplish her goal?

After all, ruining a man’s really hard when you find yourself falling for him…

Longer Review:

This is fantastic. I fucking LOVE when a new author sneaks up on me and rocks it out. I’m throwing high fives and fist pumping I’m so happy. This book starts out with a bang…okay, it’s more like a good hard fuck…before transporting five years in the past wherein your heart cracks, breaks and bleeds out.

Essie has ice around her heart and revenge embedded in her mind. It’s the only way that she’s been able to function since her brother – her best friend – her savior – was tragically torn from her. She’s spent the last five years plotting, planning and conniving – ready to execute her plan when the time is right. And she thinks she just found an opening. However, when she finally meets Aidan, the brother of the man who stole her world, her preconceived notions are shaken…and her body is stirred. Her ability to continue with the plan becomes questionable, especially when Aidan’s crooked smile, honest answers, and deft fingers infiltrate her to the core. *winks* Whose heart is going to end up breaking?

Aidan has been thrust into a world full of suits, bleak skies, and dark winters. It’s a far cry from when his world was defined by the surfing and pussy. However, as much as he initially hated this life that has been forced upon him, it’s started to grow on him – and make him grow. He’s a deeper character than you initially expect, and I loved that. When Ess approaches him, he knows that she’s up to something. He knows who she is. He could never forget since she’s been staring in all of his dreams. Can he figure out her game and beat her at it?

Cole not only had me completely empathetic to the characters, he also had me laughing out loud. Aiden is the perfect alpha man, loving all women as long as they love sex. I was thrilled with his honesty and fell for his charm. He tends to like his women a little bit on the submissive side, but he’s willing to make an exception for Ess – especially since he gets hard just thinking about her. I quickly fell in love with his mental commentary and I adored the sexual tension between Ess and Aiden.

Heartbreaker is crass, blunt, sexy, complex and hot as fuck. What’s not to love? Of course there’s a cliffhanger. Of course I’m now dying. OF COURSE I’ll be back for more. So well done! 5 stars!

[I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review]

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